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Archyx's journal

random bytes waiting to get to the binary space

Archyx Shapetail
8 November 1983
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I am a rather lazy graphite grey draconid. I'm usually friendly but acting like a traditional peelo will get me angry quite easily. I often stay by myself and don't look for company but a certain group of people do get my attention. Getting into that group can be rather difficult but it's still possible that you don't even have a clue that you're one those selected individuals. Sometimes I don't make much sense but that is something to be ignored or played along. I think that's enough for now.

DC2.Dc~ Gm L190c W T80k C~gy%--,bbl+,cbl--,egr+\re-,fbl'+ B- A? Fr++^ Nn M O H++ $ Fo R+++ Ac++ J+ S+ U? I# V? Q? Tc+++ E+

FDD[draconid]p5 A- C- D- H+ M- P+ R+ T+++ W Z- Sm RLCT/M/AT/U a cal++ d+ e f++++ h* iwf+ j-- p- sm

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